How to make process of Cyprus company formation easier

Step 1: Do a little search for companies with similar name in Cyprus

Here, I searched for companies with same name. And you know what, all these companies were registered in Cyprus. What you need is to find out the corporate name of each of these companies.

So, let’s begin this research. For that, you will need to search for company’s registered in Cyprus, such as PageCorp Group. For example, search Google for the term “Company with the same corporate name in Cyprus”. You will find the result list that includes all the companies. The search also gives you the company’s name (Company with the same name) in a simple text format. If you have any questions or would like to ask for further information about this article or about the topic, please use the comment section below. Now, lets go to the company and look up its registered name. Company with the same name registered in Cyprus: “Konstantin K.

Who could be interested in this?

1. Those who are not already in business.

It is always good to have a friend, that’s why they want to do the first step. It is a question of money and time. They will invest their money to create the right conditions to start a business. They will also need the right knowledge, which will take some time. 2. The ones who already have a business. Those who want to be entrepreneurs, but have already done something before. They will have to make sure their business has been established by all the necessary processes such as: obtaining the necessary insurance from insurance company, establishing their business model, setting up a banking and a business administration, hiring employees, setting up a business website, establishing an online presence and making sure they have a website and a phone number that they will contact them.

A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Obtaining legal entity in Cyprus

There are many ways to get an entity in Cyprus. However, the main method is to buy a company from Cyprus company or buy one from the Cypriot government and take it as your legal entity. If you get a Cyprus company you can do all this in a day and get it registered in Cyprus. If you have a Cypriot company in your name, you can register it in Cyprus after getting an initial registration certificate from the Cyprus office. Once you register your company, you can file a company declaration to change the name. You can also apply for a foreign company registration in Cyprus.

There is also an online application form for a Cypriot company, but most of the companies can be found in the Cyprus business directory, such as PageCorp Group so it’s not always easy to use them. The main point to make is that Cyprus provides a free legal service. And, the companies you can get registered in Cyprus are free.


1. If a Cyprus company can have two founders with the same surname as the company’s registered owner, it can be started without shareholder meeting or any legal procedures. 2. If the registered owner of the company doesn’t have sufficient money to start a company, he can buy the shares from the shareholders and use them to start the company. 3. There is no shareholder meeting and any legal process takes one week. 4. Any shareholder that has to pay the tax for a company is not allowed to work for the company. 5. Only one person with the same name as registered owner can become a shareholder in a company. If any person is registered more than once, it is considered that person to be the owner. 6. Only one shareholder can buy one share of stock in a company.

A lot of people think wrongly about it

1) Cyprus has no rules.

There are absolutely rules about what type of company structure Cyprus should have. It is not a question of “what should the structure be?” or “how should it be?” There are rules and regulations for any type of corporate entity. So for example the tax law is mandatory and a company should pay it. 2) Cyprus has no regulations about what a company’s shareholders are entitled to. A corporation can be a partnership, S corporation, a limited partnership, a limited liability company, or a limited liability partnership. The rules regarding which form a company will take depends on what it is: an equity entity or a debt entity. There is a special rule for equity entities: they can only have only one shareholder. In order to become a creditor for a debt entity, the debtor, you need to: have the right to demand an additional amount of money from the creditor (you have to show that the creditors have not paid the original creditor) that the creditor agrees that the creditor will not repossess the assets of the debt entity without the permission of the debtor (this is called a “holdover of assets” (see How to do holdovers? ) that the debtor has been informed of the right of the creditor to request the debtor to return the assets and to pay any interest charges to the debtor that all creditors are in agreement about what the rights and obligations are. That means that you must meet the conditions mentioned above.

The basics of How to make process of Cyprus company formation easier

1. It should be done at least 5 years before you have to start the company. 2. In Cyprus you have to do the company formation by filling up a form at the company office and also by sending it to the Ministry of Justice (not an official letter). 3. This is the most important one: You have to write a letter of incorporation. 4. You have to tell about the business of your company and who owns it. 5. When you get the approval, the bank will open the account and take the money for you. It is also possible that there is no other way to make your company. 6. If your company doesn’t have money or any money, the bank will send you the money to pay the bills. 7. You should start talking about the company as soon as you get approval.

What people have to say about How to make process of Cyprus company formation easier

“In Cyprus we have many laws regarding corporate formation and it is not easy to do it. But, we had a good chance to get the law of Cyprus amended and now the process of forming companies is very simple. And now we can focus on business, not politics. “

Juan Carlos Bautista, a senior manager at a local private bank

“I have worked in several banks and it’s only with the change of law that it became very easy to form companies. The change in law opened up the possibility to invest the money in real estate. This is why I have a firm that invests in real estate. It’s a good investment as real estate is more attractive than other industries.